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Drinking Water While Eating is Dangerous and Should not be Ignored! Check here why!

  One of the Major Problem that we have been experiencing a lot is Food Coma. It is a State of Sleep or the Extreme Lethargy Induced by Consumption of a large amount of Food. Have you felt sleepy after eating and enjoying a delicious meal while you're comfy on your soft sofa? Did you know that it is not normal and you need to get yourself checked by a doctor?

     When we eat, our stomach produces 'Gastrin' which is a hormone that promotes the secretion of our Digestive Juices. As the food that you ate enters the small intestine, the cells in your gut will secrete more hormones which are called enterogastrone that would signal your other body functions which includes the regulation of blood flow.

     As you digest your meal, more blood is transmitted or pushed towards your stomach and gut that would transport away from the newly absorbed and digested metabolites. It will leave less blood on your body and that would cause some people to feel sleepy or light-headed or even tired.

And to avoid these problems from happening here are some Tips that could help you!

When Eating a Lot of Food that has Starch and Protein:

     There are a lot of food that when combined can make us want to pass out on our bed or sofa's like  Burger and Fries, Steak and Mashed Potatoes, Eggs Benedict and so much more. After taking in a huge amount of starch and protein at the same time will cause Acid Reflux and also Indigestion which will be very bad for you.

     Protein has the slowest rate of Digestion, while Starches digest faster into Sugars, but since they all got mixed up in your stomach, it will take some hours until all of them get digested, and when they stayed too long to your stomach, they get fermented and would release gas in your stomach that would cause you to belch or burp.

The Solution to this problem is:

     Eat the starch food first, and then the protein food. Don't worry if you're having portions of starch with the protein, but it is much advisable and recommended to eat your starch first. Don't overdo the rice and potatoes. Also, eat some vegetables.

When Drinking Ice-Cold Water while you Eat:

     It is much advised to drink room temperature water while you eat your meal because the cold water would constrict your blood vessels which will hinder your body to digest the food and absorb the nutrients from it. Also, Cold Water would solidify the fats that you have eaten and will them hard to digest too.


The Solution to this problem is:

     Before you eat, drink some lukewarm water with lemon or if you're a fan of green tea then prepare one. Sip on it as slowly as you can because these two will help your body to digest the food that you're eating. These will also help those who suffer from weak digestion.

When Drinking a Lot of Water while you Eat:

     Sure, water is great for the body, but take note to just take small sips of it while you're eating. The main purpose of the water is to help the food that you eat to go down your Digestive tract. Take note to not drown your meals with water inside your stomach because it will give you indigestion and will also make you feel bloated.

The Solution to this problem is:

    While eating, sip little amount of water. After an hour has passed after you ate your meal, you can drink tons of water.

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Source: TCF

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